Webinar: Data Visualisation Made Simple with Python Bootcamp

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  • 12th of June 2024
  • Instructor: Sanaulla M.
  • 2.5 hours
  • Level: Beginner
Dive into the world of data visualization with Python. This bootcamp covers essential tools and techniques to create compelling visual stories from data.
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Discover the power of data visualization with our recorded webinar, "Data Visualization Made Simple with Python." In this session, we explore the importance of visualizing data in the field of data science. You'll gain insights from our hands-on demonstration, where we create interactive visualizations using Python libraries like Matplotlib and Seaborn. Additionally, we provide a thorough walkthrough on interpreting visual data and its impact on business decisions. By watching this recording, you'll learn to transform raw data into compelling visuals and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Enhance your data storytelling skills by viewing the webinar now!

Career Paths

This bootcamp primes you for an array of exciting job roles..
  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Visualisation Specialist

What You'll Learn

Get ready to level up with these essential skills!
  • Data visualisation principles
  • Python programming
  • Matplotlib & Seaborn
  • Customization
  • Real-world applications

Learning Plan

Prepare for an amazing learning journey ahead!
  • Core Concept Learning
  • Project-based assessments
  • Capstone visualisation projects
  • Professional profile enhancement

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Minerva Singh

Minerva Singh is a PhD graduate from Cambridge University where she specialized in Tropical Ecology. She is also a part-time Data Scientist. As part of her research, she must carry out extensive data analysis, including spatial data analysis. For this purpose, she prefers to use a combination of freeware tools: R, QGIS, and Python. She does most of her spatial data analysis work using R and QGIS. Apart from being free, these are very powerful tools for data visualization, processing, and analysis. She also holds an MPhil degree in Geography and Environment from Oxford University. She has honed her statistical and data analysis skills through several MOOCs, including The Analytics Edge and Statistical. In addition to spatial data analysis, she is also proficient in statistical analysis, machine learning, and data mining.

Know Your Instructors

Meet Gabriel, a dynamic Business Intelligence developer with over 15 years of expertise in data analysis. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for driving business growth through data-driven insights, Gabriel thrives on leveraging cutting-edge business intelligence tools to optimize operations and revolutionize digital analytics strategies.

As a certified Qlik designer, developer, QlikView System Administrator, and Power BI expert, Gabriel brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His ability to deeply engage with clients, grasp their unique business processes, and translate requirements into actionable insights has been pivotal in delivering successful projects for prestigious organizations.Gabriel's journey is marked by a commitment to lifelong learning, a trait he shares with fellow enthusiasts. He cherishes the opportunity to exchange ideas and glean insights from peers, continuously evolving in an ever-changing landscape.

Gabriel Oluwaseye
Senior BI Consultant

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