Create Beautiful Imagery with Midjourney A.I

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Learn to efficiently use Midjourney, an AI image-generation tool sweeping the globe. Generate images with artificial intelligence (AI) in a revolutionary way using text prompts or simple drawing tools. So, join this course and let’s get your first idea on the screen!

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What to know about this course

Midjourney, an artificial intelligence program created by a San Francisco-based independent research lab, generates images from natural language descriptions, like OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

The course begins with an introduction to AI art, Midjourney, and Discord. We will set up and configure the apps and navigate around Midjourney and Discord V4 servers. We will explore beginner prompts and write our first prompt, upscale and reroll images, and Light and Beta upscalers. We will set up aspect ratios and add more information to our prompts. We will configure Midjourney V4, use the remix setting, and learn about the end of the trial version. We will move to prompt crafting; work with a camera and perspectives, lighting/color; use Chaos, single images, and Niji mode. We will explore style settings, make portraits, dynamic poses, stickers, woodcarvings, badges, movie posters, portrait, and landscape photographs, create icons and videogame icon packs, and render sketches. We will use DALL-E, generate frames in DALL-E 2, and create and sell art on Redbubble. We will finally explore a few working examples and create a futuristic soldier and medieval marketplace before wrapping up.

Upon completion, we will master Midjourney to create stunning images of AI-based art, ideate creations beyond the app, and use other AI art options.

Who's this course for?

This course is designed to deliver content to beginners excited to channel their imagination to create breathtaking images or professionals in various fields looking to support their craft with stunning graphics. Individuals looking to create illustrations for a children’s book, create a mood board for fashion projects, or create animation actors and superhero characters will benefit from this course.

The prerequisites for the course include possessing a computer, tablet, or smartphone, a stable internet connection, and an email account.
No artistic mastery is required for the course.

What you'll learn

  • Understand and leverage Discord and access Midjourney to create AI images
  • Express your imagination visually with artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Learn Midjourney comprehensively, a text-to-image AI program
  • Master the Midjourney prompt system and control it to fine-tune images
  • Engage with the Midjourney community to push your creations further
  • Elevate your creations by taking them beyond the Midjourney approach

Key Features

  • Master Midjourney’s prompt system and control it to fine-tune images and create stunning imagery
  • Create fantastic images with amazing character visuals and campaigns using Midjourney and Discord
  • Elevate your creations beyond Midjourney and discover options in AI art solutions in the market

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Scott Bromander

Scott Bromander is the director of software engineering at Statespace, the makers of the Aimlabs website and Aim Lab (PC game on Steam with 25m+ registered users). Scott has experience in the web/game development industry for over 15 years and a parallel career as an educator.
He has worked with several Fortune 100 companies, partnering with them to design and build world-class web applications. In addition, he has designed curriculums for several development boot camp programs and has led higher education computer science programs. He is passionate about getting people engaged in technology and loves helping people.

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