Make Apps with ChatGPT and Generative AI

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This course will teach you how to link ChatGPT’s API directly into your applications and solutions. Learn to integrate the API into Power Apps. Build any business application you want using Power Apps, which can now incorporate ChatGPT. Extend ChatGPT to any platform, including React, Webflow, Zapier, Excel, and so on.

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What to know about this course

ChatGPT is a language generation model developed by OpenAI. Its newest form, Davinci, is behind the ChatGPT program we all know. It grew popular in December 2022 after people started using it and seeing how amazingly it deals with prompt-response completion questions.

This course’s objective is to build applications and solutions with ChatGPT. You will do that by learning more about OpenAI and ChatGPT and how to use their APIs in your platforms. You will create a serverless function that can take ChatGPT prompts and return responses—the first step to integrate your ChatGPT into your app. You will learn to incorporate the ChatGPT API into many platforms. Connect to OpenAI API and create Azure functions that leverage ChatGPT. Finally, you will develop complete applications and solution examples, including CoverLetterCreator, StockPhotoPPT, PolitelySayNo, and TravelPlan. Upon completion, you will use ChatGPT to increase your productivity and build real-life solutions and applications from scratch using ChatGPT.

You will leverage this unique AI model with other OpenAI models such as DALL-E to create business software independently. You will integrate the API into different platforms, including Outlook, Power Apps, Power Automate, Airtable, and Bubble, and build real-life applications and solutions from scratch. All resources are available at:

Who's this course for?

This course is designed for managers and employees who want to integrate ChatGPT into their daily workflows, to improve the efficiencies of their teams by integrating ChatGPT into their tools.

Individuals wishing to build and monetize full applications and solutions using ChatGPT or students who want to learn to link ChatGPT into other application/solution-building software such as Bubble, Airtable, Power Apps, and more benefit from this course.

What you'll learn

  • Integrate ChatGPT into business, Outlook, Teams, Excel, and Bubble
  • Build no-code apps, Power Apps, Airtable, TravelPlan, and Tchat
  • Create an app to plan itineraries based on location and trip length
  • Integrate ChatGPT API into Azure Functions to incorporate it anywhere
  • Build a ChatGPT app to create cover letters based on jobs and resumes
  • Make an app to generate stock photos for pitch presentations, slide decks

Key Features

  • Understand OpenAI, ChatGPT’s capabilities, pros/cons, and create apps or solutions with ChatGPT
  • Integrate ChatGPT into many business platforms, such as Outlook, Teams, Excel, Power Automate, and more
  • Create a cover letter generator, travel planner, PPT stock generator, and app that replies to emails

Course Curriculum

About the Author

HHN Automate Book Inc.

Henry Habib is a seasoned manager at a leading management consulting firm. He leverages his expertise to provide counsel on growth strategy, operation, and analytics to Fortune 500 companies. With a strong background in implementing data-driven solutions, Henry has a proven track record of making an impact in organizations of all sizes. He strongly advocates for no-code application development in business and deploys such solutions for his clients. These solutions are not only easier to understand but also quicker to implement. In addition to his consulting work, Henry is a dedicated professor who takes pleasure in guiding students toward success in various fields, ranging from case interviews to no-code application development and automation. His courses are designed to be engaging and informative, and he is always available to assist students in mastering challenging concepts.

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