How to Use ChatGPT and Generative AI to Help Create Content

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Learn to use cutting-edge language models ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Midjourney to create high-quality written content and generative art in this course. Discover how to fine-tune these models for specific tasks and explore the ethical implications and future-proofing strategies for using AI in your work.

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What to know about this course

Learn to unleash your creativity and automate tasks using cutting-edge language models such as ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Midjourney.

This course introduces the basic concepts of these models, teaching you how to generate text, images, and other media types. Through hands-on projects, including writing a blog post, creating a code snippet, and generating artwork, you will learn to fine-tune these models for specific tasks and use them for creative writing. Additionally, you will explore generative art, including image and video creation. By the course’s end, you will have a deep understanding of ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Midjourney, enabling you to create high-quality content and generative artwork. You will also learn the ethical implications of AI and how to future-proof your work using generative AI.

This course is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to improve their work efficiency and content creators seeking to increase their output. Gain valuable skills that will help you continue learning and experimenting with these powerful tools.

Who's this course for?

This course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to streamline their work processes and increase productivity, as well as content creators who want to expand their creative output.

No programming experience is required, making this course accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of computer usage.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of how to use ChatGPT, Dalle-2, and Midjourney to generate text, images, and other media.

What you'll learn

  • Generate high-quality written content with ChatGPT
  • Create new artwork using Dalle-2 and Midjourney
  • Fine-tune models for specific tasks and creative writing
  • Understand the ethical implications of AI
  • Future-proof your work using Generative AI
  • Develop skills for efficiency and increased content output

Key Features

  • Learn to use cutting-edge language models (ChatGPT, Dalle-2, Midjourney) to generate text and media
  • Hands-on projects include writing, coding, and creating generative artwork
  • Gain understanding of ethical implications and future-proofing work using Generative AI

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Delta X Technology LLC

Delta X Technology LLC is owned by Justin B, a highly skilled software engineer and AI creator with five years of industry experience. With a strong background in both theoretical and practical aspects of software engineering, Justin has worked on several projects involving machine learning.
As the owner of Delta X Technology LLC, he is dedicated to sharing his expertise with students and helping them develop the skills needed to succeed in the field of AI. With a passion for teaching and a wealth of real-world experience, Justin offers students a unique perspective and valuable insights into the latest trends and best practices in AI development.

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