Build a DALL-E Image Generator using React, JavaScript and OpenAI

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Looking to expand your skills in the exciting world of AI and React development? In this compact course, you will learn to build a cutting-edge image generator inspired by OpenAI’s revolutionary DALL-E technology and create a unique project live in production to upskill your knowledge for a future career in AI with ChatGPT and DALL-E.

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What to know about this course

DALL-E is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. DALL-E can create original, realistic images from a text description, combining concepts, attributes, and styles.

The course introduces DALL-E and OpenAI technology and how DALL-E generates images from textual descriptions. We will delve into React fundamentals, set up a React development environment, work with React components and hooks, understand the React DOM, and build a dynamic/responsive UI. Please note that the React/JavaScript content cannot be considered comprehensive coding lessons. We will integrate the DALL-E API, understand API calls, and fetch API data. We will process API data, render it in React, and display images generated by the API. We will set up a GitHub repository. We will deploy the React app to GitHub. In the advanced React techniques section, we will build forms, handle user input, implement custom hooks, and use React libraries and third-party packages.

To conclude, we will review the skills acquired and tips for further learning. By the end of this DALL-E course, you can build a fully functional image generator and learn the benefits of OpenAI, React, and GitHub. This project will be a valuable addition to your portfolio, and you will continue building exciting React and AI applications. All resources are available at:

Who's this course for?

This course is niched to cater to individuals wanting to gain confidence as a developer for jobs with DALL-E and modern development technology, already know JavaScript, and are curious about the technologies.
This course is useful if one is interested in seeing what the hype is all about DALL-E and decide its use case; if one is interested in working on a project in the future and entering the AI industry or developing a portfolio for employable prospects with a clear and concrete understanding.
If an individual wants to start with programming, DALL-E and JavaScript are an excellent way to get started.

What you'll learn

  • Understand how DALL-E generates images from textual descriptions
  • Set up a React development environment, work with components/hooks
  • Explore API calls, fetch DALL-E API data, process and render it in React 
  • Set up a GitHub repository and deploy your React app to GitHub
  • Learn to build forms and store and handle user input Implement custom hooks/states with React libraries/third-party packages

Key Features

  • Learn to develop professional web apps with modern tools/libraries, including React and JavaScript
  • Develop a DALL-E project from scratch and leverage DALL-E to improve productivity as a developer
  • Understand OOPs, functional components in React Hooks, and write code with template models/libraries

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Clarian North

Clarian North is a recognized industry-certified instructor, CEO of Orbital LLC, and a senior project engineer with over 90K enrolments worldwide. His students have gone on to work for some of the biggest production companies such as Universal, Google, Amazon, Warner, and the BBC. He has contributed to viral streams, grown a unique digital imprint in over 80 countries, and been featured in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Guardian, Bloomberg, and Vice.
He has worked for majors, indies, and international publishing houses, including Grammy-nominated and award-winning productions, mixing for Emirates Airline Inflight Radio, and producing for Kompakt Records. He is dedicated to giving accessible and comprehensive tech courses, teaching complex subject matter with clear and example-based explanations, and guiding students through complex techniques with just a computer and free software.

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