SQL Server Course for Beginners with 100+ examples

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Welcome to this beginner’s level course on Microsoft SQL Servers. Understand the concepts of SQL and learn to create a new database and table to perform various operations on it, with live running queries as examples. Work on hands-on exercises and understand database concepts in a real-world scenario.

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Level: Beginner
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What to know about this course

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. SQL Server also allows user-defined composite types (UDTs) to be used. The SQL Server services operate within SQL server instances, allowing people to do machine learning and data analytics.

In this course, you will understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL. You will query SQL and learn about built-in SQL functions. You will create and modify databases and tables using the CREATE DATABASE and CREATE TABLE statements. You will create, select, and modify records and create constraints in SQL. You will advance to create indexes, drop tables, and databases in SQL. You will learn about operators (AND, OR, NOT, LIKE, BETWEEN, IN, LIKE), functions, statements, and constraints in SQL. You will look at stored procedures and aliases, and learn to back up databases in SQL. You will use the WHERE clause to query and learn about the SELECT and DISTINCT functions. You will arrange data using the ORDER BY keyword and ASC and DESC keywords.

After completing the course, you will thoroughly understand SQL’s features and components. You will create complex databases and maintain existing databases. Finally, you will acquire complex SQL query capabilities and write complex queries. All resources are available at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/SQL-Server-Course-for-Beginners-with-100-examples

Who's this course for?

This course delivers a substantial learning experience for database creators, web developers, application developers, and programmers who must operate with SQL and database structures.
Database analysts and administrators who are looking to advance/refresh their knowledge skillsets can benefit from this course.

The course has no additional prerequisites besides basic computer use knowledge.

What you'll learn

  • Create databases and tables from the start
  • Learn to handle MySQL queries
  • Learn to query SQL to manipulate records in tables
  • Explore functions, statements, and constraints in SQL
  • Create and maintain complex databases and table structures
  • Write complex query statements for maximum data optimization

Key Features

  • Understand the SQL query process and the role of databases in real-world applications
  • Create new databases and tables and perform operations to manipulate records using SQL queries
  • Master SQL querying and write complex query statements to enhance your understanding of MySQL

Course Curriculum

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