Web Scraping Tutorial with Scrapy and Python for Beginners

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Assuming that you don’t know anything about web scraping, Scrapy, Python, web scraping, or even the meaning of web scraping—the author starts from the complete basics. A well-balanced course with theory and practical content followed by three projects at the end ensures you have the right skills to learn scraping.

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What to know about this course

Web scraping is the process of scraping websites and extracting desired data from them, and in this course, you will learn and master web scraping using Python and Scrapy with a step-by-step and in-depth guide.

The course starts with introducing you to the web scraping process (with infographics—no code); learn how to scrape data from websites and how to use Scrapy for this. After getting the basics clear, you will perform web scraping using Python and the Scrapy framework! After you have built an actual web scraper, you will get an idea of how web scraping works first-hand. You will then look at the essential concepts of web scraping and Scrapy. Learning how to scrape websites and the essentials already makes you a complete web scraper but you will take this even further and learn the advanced web scraping techniques to become an expert. Advanced topics such as crawling multiple pages and extracting data—pagination, scraping data using Regular Expressions (RegEx), scraping dynamic or JavaScript-rendered websites using Scrapy Playwright—will be thoroughly explained. Finally, you will perform three projects at the end—Champions League Table [ESPN], Product Tracker [Amazon], and Scraper Application [GUI].

By the end of this course, you will have learned how to do web scraping using Python and Scrapy. All the resource files are added to the GitHub repository at: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Web-Scraping-Tutorial-with-Scrapy-and-Python-for-Beginners-

Who's this course for?

This course is ideal for beginner Python developers who want to master web scraping or freelance web scrapers looking to polish their skills.
Any individual and college students working on their projects and wanting to master web scraping using Python and the Scrapy module, then this course is for you.

A basic understanding of Python programming is a must and elementary-level knowledge of HTML basics will be a plus but not mandatory.

What you'll learn

  • Send a request to a URL to scrape websites using Scrapy Spider
  • Get the HTML Response from the URL and parse it for web scraping
  • Use Scrapy shell commands to test and verify CSS Selectors or XPath
  • Export and save scraped data to online databases such as MongoDB
  • Scrape data from multiple web pages using Scrapy pagination
  • Login to websites using Scrapy FormRequest with CSRF tokens

Key Features

  • A well-balanced and structured course with practical projects at the end
  • Scrape Champions League Table [ESPN], Product Tracker [Amazon], and build Scraper Application [GUI]
  • Bite-sized videos and comes bundled with all the requisite materials

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Rahul Mula

Rahul Mula is a passionate developer with expertise in Python, Flutter, and web development. He was really intrigued the first time he learned about programming and realized what could be done with it. Rahul thrives on exploring diverse technologies and crafting innovative applications. He's the mastermind behind Keyviz, a remarkable open-source tool for real-time keystroke visualization.
Rahul's contributions extend to the realm of education, where he has authored books and crafted courses on Python programming, benefiting thousands of eager learners.

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