The Simplest Guide™ to SAS Programming: Base SAS Advanced SAS

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A comprehensive, simple, visual guide and a super-easy course using SAS with no installation on your computer necessary. This course uses the latest SAS Studio offered through SAS OnDemand and it’s completely free. 12+ hours of knowledge-packed lectures, videos, quiz questions, followed by two practical and hands-on guided exercises and projects.

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What to know about this course

This course is for absolute beginners as well as advanced users who wish to learn SAS programming. Delivered in a highly visual style, these immersive lectures will equip you with cutting-edge tools used in many industries, primarily in pharma, finance, and insurance areas.  Simplified into just four main areas, this course is an accelerated path to learning SAS programming. Data preparation will teach you how to import data from multiple sources, create new variables, write SAS functions, and understand what goes on behind the scenes in SAS datasets. Data structuring will make you leap into transforming data to a new level by merging and joining multiple datasets together, or turning them upside-down (sorting) and sideways (transposing). Data visualization will propel you further into the world of analytics and obtain insightful inferences from what is inside your data.  The final section will take you into the world of macro programming that teaches you how to write your code professionally and elegantly. 

At the end of the course, you will try out most concepts discussed in this course through a coding exercise that will take you through these sections in preparation for your own SAS certification.  The code files and all related files are uploaded on GitHub at

Who's this course for?

This course is designed for individuals looking to quickly acquire data manipulation and data analytics skills in order to get placed in job roles that involve a lot of data processing, or as part of data science university coursework, or to pass the Base SAS or Advanced SAS certification. No prior experience is required. This course uses SAS OnDemand for Academics Edition as the software tool to work with data.

What you'll learn

  • Perform data analysis with the powerful SAS programming language.
  • Import any type of data into SAS and construct meaningful reports.
  • Analyze data with SAS that reveal amazing insights within your data.
  • Create beautiful visualizations and reports for a better understanding.
  • Strengthen your foundation for SAS base and advanced certification exams.
  • Apply all topics learned and finish the ‘Project Heavyweight’ exercise.

Key Features

  • A guide to the two SAS certification exams: SAS Base and SAS Advanced.
  • This course uses the SAS OnDemand for Academics Edition that is free to be used on a PC or Mac.
  • Quiz and practice tests after each section are included.

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan loves simplifying anything that appears to be a complex topic. He does this using picture (and lots of them!)—pictures that are simple and illustrative to visualize the topic being explained. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and an SAS Base and Advanced Certified Programmer, with a master's degree in management information systems. He works with businesses in understanding their complex problems, surfacing their business needs and offering viable technical solutions, overseeing change management, program benefits realization, and organizational project management. He's also worked in the clinical data management, biostatistics, and SAS programming areas of the life sciences industry.

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