Data Analysts Toolbox- Excel, Python, Power BI, Alteryx, Qlik Sense, R, Tableau

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This course explains how huge chunks of data can be analyzed and visualized using the power of the data analyst toolbox. You will learn Python programming, advanced pivot tables’ concepts, the magic of Power BI, perform analysis with Alteryx, master Qlik Sense, R Programming using R and R Studio, and create stunning visualizations in Tableau Desktop.

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What to know about this course

Being able to understand, harness, and use data is no longer a skill reserved for a handful of well-paid data analysts. It is becoming an essential part of many roles. This course unboxes the data analyst toolbox bundle, enabling you to learn the tools needed for data analysis. The course starts by taking you through the topics of advanced pivot tables. You will learn how to create and manipulate pivot tables, import data from Access and Excel into the tables, prepare data for analysis, sort and filter the data, create an interactive dashboard, and a lot more. Next, you will get to grips with Power Pivot, Power Query, and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and discover how to use Power BI to create striking data visualization. You will then learn the Python programming concepts that will help you write error-free Python scripts for automatically updating data in a spreadsheet. Next, you will get introduced to Alteryx, Qlik Sense, R programming, and finally, learn how to create stunning visualizations in Tableau Desktop. By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently analyze and visualize huge sets of data using Excel, Python, Power BI, Alteryx, Qlik Sense, R, and Tableau. All the resources for this course are available at:

Who's this course for?

This course is aimed at intermediate Excel users who want to learn Python, Power BI, Power Pivot, and advanced pivot tables to analyze and visualize data.

This course is also designed to get introduced to Alteryx, Qlik Sense, R programming, and Tableau Desktop. Working knowledge of Excel and understanding of data analytics are required to get started with this course.

What you'll learn

  • Discover how to use 3D maps in a pivot table.
  • Create pivot charts and pivot tables using your data model.
  • Create stunning and interactive dashboards with Power BI.
  • Learn to master Qlik Sense.
  • Learn R programming using R and R Studio.
  • Learn to create stunning visualizations in Tableau Desktop.

Key Features

  • Become confident in cleaning, sorting, and linking data from various sources.
  • Learn how to write flawless Python scripts for updating the data in a spreadsheet.
  • Get ready to create amazing visuals, such as clustered column charts, maps, and trend graphs.

Course Curriculum

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