ArcGIS Desktop for Spatial Analysis: Go from Basic to Pro

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Gain proficiency in the mastery of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) via ArcGIS Desktop.

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What to know about this course

This course teaches you the most important aspects of spatial data analysis using ArcGIS. It is highly beneficial for both those wanting to learn spatial data analysis and/or gain familiarity with the ArcGIS ecosystem First, we’ll start some basic GIS tasks like “Zooming”. Then, we will move into more complex processing tasks like “Geo-Statistics”. We will also deal with some theoretical concepts related to Spatial Data Analysis, and then we’ll focus on implementing some of the most common GIS techniques (all the way showing you how to execute these tasks in ArcGIS Desktop).

The stuff you will learn from this course will be extremely useful in terms of you being able to implement it on future Spatial Data projects you’ll be working on. The course is a hands-on training with real data. It’s a step by step course covering both the theory and application of Spatial Data Analysis. This is one of the most comprehensive courses on this topic. All the code and supporting files for this course are available at -

Who's this course for?

The target audience is the people looking to get started in the field of GIS Analysis use ArcGIS Desktop in academic or professional settings and students should have access to ArcGIS Desktop.

You should have prior knowledge of basic spatial data related concepts such as the different data types and coordinate systems.

What you'll learn

  • You will have a thorough knowledge of the ArcGIS Interface and Functionality.
  • You will learn about the different toolboxes in ArcGIS and what they can do.
  • You can carry out practical spatial data analysis tasks, geoprocessing and mapping using ArcGIS Desktop.
  • You learn about advanced topics such as geostatistics and carry them out on actual data.
  • You will visualize and map spatial data.

Key Features

  • The course will teach you to implement some of the most important spatial data analysis techniques in ArcGIS Desktop.
  • You will learn to work with real spatial data.
  • Carry our practical map making to display the results of spatial analysis.
  • Learn about advanced topics such as geostatistics and carry them out on actual data.

Course Curriculum

About the Author

Minerva Singh

Minerva Singh is a PhD graduate from Cambridge University where she specialized in Tropical Ecology. She is also a part-time Data Scientist. As part of her research, she must carry out extensive data analysis, including spatial data analysis. For this purpose, she prefers to use a combination of freeware tools: R, QGIS, and Python. She does most of her spatial data analysis work using R and QGIS. Apart from being free, these are very powerful tools for data visualization, processing, and analysis. She also holds an MPhil degree in Geography and Environment from Oxford University. She has honed her statistical and data analysis skills through several MOOCs, including The Analytics Edge and Statistical. In addition to spatial data analysis, she is also proficient in statistical analysis, machine learning, and data mining.

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